America’s hand from Venezuela is short! Venezuelan crisis demands socialist response!

America’s hand from Venezuela is short!
Venezuelan crisis demands socialist response!

The crisis now taking place in Venezuela is rooted in a political, economic, and ideological historical conflict. The struggle between the bourgeois barefoot and the right-hand side with the flag of democracy, and the left of the bourgeois faction in the cover of “socialism.” Venezuela, the owner of America’s anti-imperialist oil and gas, owns America’s anti-imperialist oil and gas wealth, for the United States, and for the ruling Tampam ruling Nationalist-Fascist, whose reactionary nationalism is aligned with the economy and wealth, and the profits of capitalist profits, is the basis of its democracy. The situation in Venezuela was not tolerable. The American government has, after a long period of criminal policy of economic sanctions and hunger for the citizens of that country, after the economic-political crisis in Venezuela has deepened, and the inability to give the right answer to it by the current Government of Venezuela, is the way for its reactionary intervention. Smoothed out. The congregation’s method of blocking property in other countries to the line of deregulation on a phenomenon called “elections” and from the top of the people of a country is to declare “the president” a testimony to the absurdity and counter-revolutionary nature of the way these democracies Asked for the community. In any case, the “people’s” benefit is not absolute, the US administration and its secretary-general lie, pushing for a “anti-imperialist” left-wing “America”, which seems to “give the money to the poor to take their votes” And full access to the long-term prospect of gaining the economy of a country full of oil and gas reserves with the power of a right-wing flow.

There is no doubt that Venezuela is not only a socialist country, but also a part of the current situation arising from the false and anti-socialist policies of the Venezuelan government in the unrelated cover of “socialism.” The so-called Venetian government, with every claim and distinction, has, in another way, represented and maintained a corrupt capitalist system in the form of “privatization”. A country with all this wealth of oil and gas can not and should not be afraid of poverty and hunger, and this level of conflict and class difference! Everywhere there is poverty and inequality and wage slavery, the red flag of labor and socialism are not to be considered over the whole of the country and all its policies, it is not a socialist country! But these facts do not signal the “better” nature of American politics. On the contrary, the US bourgeois system and US-backed governments are opposed to humanity and the working class, more reactionary and more reactionary than the current system of capitalism in Venezuela. The current life of Venezuelan citizens, though not acceptable, must be changed in favor of the working class and freedom, but it will still be better than the day that the free-market tramp market and the finances of the capitalists are completely abandoned in that country! Because of the current ruling conditions in Venezuela, the US government should not be able to conceal its far more humanitarian and hypocritical policies. It should not be possible to convey in Venezuela itself and its allies a better life for the citizens, a state that, through the economic boycott of a country’s people, is not entitled to claim that it will help the “people” of the same country! The US government, at the same time, is pursuing the channel of these insidious and hungry interactions and the crisis of bringing the citizens of Venezuela into conflict with Russia and China, as they did in Syria and Ukraine, and so on, but both are reactionary and bourgeois controversies. , And has no interest in libertarian humanity!

The Revolutionary Socialist Party strongly condemns US government intervention in dealing with Venezuelan events! It evaluates it not for the benefit of the “people”, which opposes the interests of the workers and citizens, and serves the power of a right-wing opposition. That part of the Iranian right and left opposition, which in this event, entitled “Revolution”, “the presence of a million “And … (the same descriptions as in the Green Movement, Friday prayers and the death of Rafsanjani, and recently also partly in the” Duma Revolution “, and …) due to the unilateral and populist love that” people “and” the masses ” Have to support such right-wing transformations to use it as a model for breaking the waistline and socialism in Iran, it is imperative to expose it. Trying to come to power from the path of war and slaughter, or “colorful and velvet revolutions”, and relying on economic sanctions and the “positive” involvement of the United States and other bourgeois powers, the hope of closing the Warsaw conference on Iran’s developments, etc. on a coin are. Except freedom and equality and socialism, any reactionary power of these ways can take power.

The Venezuelan crisis requires a revolutionary solution and a socialist response! These measures and responses are as follows: 1. The immediate formation of a socialist and revolutionary third pillar through the creation and declaration of a party or new parties of the workers and socialists claiming power (creating a temporary leadership council and a revolutionary unit), 2- Bringing all the centers of labor through the creation of an umbrella organization of a bourgeois-independent workforce, declaring its opposition to the embargo on economic sanctions and the involvement of the United States and any other state in the developments of the country, the announcement of a progressive and socialist political / economic platform, and the immediate implementation of the deepest economic reforms. And political and unconditional political activity in the country for the benefit of the workers and the toilers
 6. To declare an immediate free election without pressure and intimidation and interference of foreign powers and military forces, guaranteeing the full freedom of citizens and allocating all the economic and media resources equally to workers and liberators, including the third in the electoral process. The Venezuelan crisis calls for a socialist response!

Death to capitalism!
Long live socialism!
Revolutionary Socialist Party of Iran
January 29, 2019

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