When criminal governments call military fo rces one another, they are terrorists

When criminal governments call military fo

rces one another, they are terrorists

On Monday, April 8, 2019, US President Donald Tramp put the IRGC on the list of “foreign terrorist organizations.” In response to this decision, Islamic republic officials threatened to attack Khamenei and Rouhani, and parliament and their foreign minister, and announced in the statement issued by the Islamic Republic’s Supreme National Security Council’s channel: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is in a counter action against The unlawful and unconscientious action of the United States today states that the US regime is a terrorist group, the supporter of terrorism and the US Central Command in the Western Asia region (calledsnatenkam) and all its affiliated forces. “

The revolutionary Socialist Party of Iranstates in this regard

  1. In our opinion and the Iranian society, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Islamic Republic’s entire forces since the US administration and commander of the US Army expelled Tehran from the fear of “the people of Iran” and the liberation and revolutionary revolution of the 57th year, the fascist Khomeini and the army and the prison, and the means of suppression of the survivors We imposed on the overthrown king, since, with the support and silence of the United States of America, we were able to kill hundreds of thousands of people, we also considered the American government as a counter-revolutionary, anti-human and terrorist state, and the whole The Islamic regime, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and other armed and unarmed armed forces have considered them as terrorists, criminals and savage. But the terrorist act of knowing the last resort of the Revolutionary Guards, like all US government policies over the past forty years, has not been to the detriment of the Islamic Republic, in pursuit of freedom and equality, and the happiness and freedom of the “people of Iran”, in order to secure the economic-security black economy And providing America’s predatory hegemony in the region.

  1. In our view, the Armed Forces of the Government of Trump and the American government have always been one of the most criminally charged, terrorist, and terrorist militaries in history. The dimensions of the crimes committed by the US military in the world and in the Middle East are not a mere need for the size of the crimes of the Islamic Republic and the Revolutionary Guards. In our view, nothing is more ridiculous and ridiculous than when the two criminal forces of the military forces declare each other “terrorist”. And more ridiculously, it is the forces and currents that support one of these two governments. It is as if the US government and its army in history and in the world and in the Middle East and in Iraq and the region committed crimes, wars, destruction and starvation, children and terror and terrorism, and that by doing so, “Thanks for Tramp” and  “It concludes, it comes only from a force that has nothing to do with the traditions and mechanisms of revolutionary and liberal victory over the Islamic Republic. This kind of pleasures and advocacy pleasures from the United States and Tramp only wreak havoc on the backdrop of reaction and the right-wing movement, with all the hopes and desires and methods of power coming to the chariot of the likes of Tramp and one of the most criminally charged army of world history. But this way and hope is the path and hope of failure and failure for the queues of liberty and labor and socialism!

  1. We call all responsible political and responsible political forces, the working class and the queue for freedom and equality in Iran to be against any of these states and their armed forces and their policies. They must fight their struggle independently of the struggle and family litigation of these two seriously supporting capitalist governments. Any force that seeks to mislead citizens and end their confidence and reliance on them should be confronted with it. Our movement for freedom and equality and for the release of the dirty and criminal gang of the Islamic Republic does not need the “help” of the US government and the insidious policies pursued. But at the same time, we warn that if these two fascist, pro-capitalist, congregational, and criminal-Islamists congressional governments will not be more decisively and broadly confronted with the clear and serious opposition to the freedom-loving Iranians and the world, they can even go through the crisis and corruption and The numerous problems that each of us in Iran and in America are dealing with in some way in the wars and destructive struggles of the defenseless people in the region must take the front of these two criminal and terrorist governments!

We, the armed forces, know both the US government and the Islamic Republic in the ranks of the most criminally armed forces in the world. We call them responsible for directly killing hundreds of thousands of defenseless people, we both consider the terrorist as a direct agent and organize thousands of terrorist acts. Without the presence of Khamenei and the Islamic Republic and their armed and corrupt armed forces, including the Revolutionary Guard, Iran and the world, without the tramp and criminal policies of the ruling council of America and its army, w

ill be a more free and humane world! Shame and hatred These governments and all the armed forces and their assassins!


Down with the Islamic Republic!

Long live socialism!

Revolutionary Socialist Party of Iran


 April 9, 2019

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