Terrorist crime in Sri Lanka left 300 deaths and 500 injuries

crime in Sri Lanka left 300 deaths and 500 injurie

Yesterday, April 21, 2019, during the eight rounds of organized suicide bombing operations and bombings in several hotels and hospitals, some 300 people were killed and 500 wounded in some Sri Lankans. There is no doubt that behind this crime there are Islamic terrorist groups.

Nothing is more painful than seeing such scenes of defending human beings! But more painful than seeing the deeply hypocritical scenes of sympathy from the queue of the financiers and the superstitious sufferers, the bully and the bully and the ruler of the same world, is full of contradictions. Those who themselves and their government and their system are responsible for the assassination and terrorism of these kinds of massacres in the cruel world under their control. From the hypocritical figure of the likes of Tramp to Antonio Husar, from the injunction to Pope Francis, from the “Muslim Council of Sri Lanka” to the Islamic Republic and …, it is itself the cause of the catastrophic catastrophe of defending human beings not only in Sri Lanka, which is in Iran, Syria, Pakistan , Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Palestine, France, and so on. There are also hundreds of thousands of people in the “workplace”, “modern” slavery places, churches and mosques, and all medieval religious and fascist centers every day, “without sound” and without bombs and suicide operations, physically Both spiritual and personal, to maintain their economic and political power and corrupt mafia. In this regard, they are spending billions of dollars each day on reactionary and religious-nationalist and nationalist terrorist movements, because maintaining and spreading national and religious superstitions and pushing for religious and national hatred in society and creating inhumane confrontation between citizens Accordingly, it is an important and permanent pillar of the survival of the capitalist system and of their governments and their parties.

The hatred and deep hatred of terrorism and terrorism can not be understood by the necessity of forming a class-political movement and expanding the hatred and social disgust of the religious and national denominations, of the church and the mosque, of the ruling and vicious system of capitalism, and of the bosses and chiefs It separated.

Deeply hates the revolutionary Socialist Party of Iran from the bourgeois-dominated political-economic-administrative-class political system, which has rebuilt and created the political, cultural, economic and social context of terrorism and warfare and the slaughter of the human world for its own benefit and survival! And he considers the liberation of humanity to end this unequal and inhumane system.

The party strongly condemns the terrible terrorist acts of Sri Lanka and strongly condemns all forms of terrorist acts, both in terms of religion and racism and nationalism. We call the civilized world against the wild capitalist system and all .religious and nationalist terrorist forces

Revolutionary Socialist Party of Iran
April 22, 2019

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