The call by the Revolutionary Socialist Party of Iran about: The adventurous conflicts and dangers of the reactionary governments of the United States and the Islamic Republic

The call by the Revolutionary Socialist Party of Iran about
The adventurous conflicts and dangers of the reactionary governments of the United States and the Islamic Republic

The workers, the people of Freedom, the responsible and revolutionary political forces!

As you are in the process, the deepening of the rivalry between the two reactionary US and Islamic republics, which has been in the “nuclear” coverage and agreement and exit of “years”, has now become a worrisome and adventurous stage for the fate of millions of people in Region and Iran. These critical situations require an immediate response from society and movements and forces that do not share the imposition of such a reactionary atmosphere and its perilous prospect, which directly affects their lives and their future prosperity. Without a confrontation of a global and logistical organization, including without a wide-ranging protest, a united clerical and laboring people and freedom in Iran, without immediate opposition from the workers’ institutions and all the responsible forces with the policy of both bourgeois-counter-revolutionary states and the assassin and terrorist, It can make these conditions a more harsh and more devastating path than we have ever witnessed. It should take precedence before such a crime occurs. We must continue to advance adventures and impose a war zone and the possible occurrence of war on any level from these anti-liberal congresses!

Contrary to the reactionary ideas and intentions of the right and illusory currents of the people, the US and the US military have neither the intention of overthrowing the regime nor their concern about violating the “human rights” and the crimes of the Islamic regime against the oppressed people. The Islamic Republic itself was the product of the counter-revolutionary policy of the US government in 57 years. For the past forty years, the US government and the West have, whenever they have, in their own interest, also carried out a slap in the Islamic regime, simultaneously with their own hands, they have been subjected to the same rule, so that they can not be overthrown by the workers and the majority of the people. The main purpose of the US government is to always impose an Islamic republic similar to Saudi Arabia, in which the economic, security, arms sales and the plunder of the region’s wealth and the general interests of the bourgeoisie and the US government can be supplied. The goal was to provide its policies towards global rivals and the interests of the fascist state of Israel, including the Palestinian people. Similarly, the objective of the criminal Islamic Republic is to fight this struggle, not to “fight against the Great Satan”, nor to defend the “oppressed” people of the region, and the same absurd claims that more than the global economy contributes to its economic-political benefits The region recognized its recognition as a logical power of the reactionary “Shiite Soldier,” and at the same time, to escalate its struggle with the Great Satan in order to cross itself from the numerous crises inside the country, shirking the burden of widespread economic and political demands , And repression and retardation of society and so on. . In reality, the goals and the war and reconciliation of these two governments have never been to the benefit of the “people”. Both seek to gain more scores from each other in order to secure their bourgeois interests, and ultimately, in the event of their family reconciliation, they also proclaim the announcement of “victory over the enemy” as a factor in their propaganda fake propaganda campaign in the region. , And will use it more in order to reject domestic protesters in the direction of the continuation of bourgeois rule and the application of austerity.

We warn that with no justification, one should not be in the queue of the defenders of the policies and actions of these two criminal states. Such a thing means a direct partnership on the two bourgeois and reactionary militant fronts and against the very soul of humanity and human freedom from the grip of these two bourgeois and humanitarian monsters and direct assistance to their war of affairs. We want all the nationalist, religious, secular, nationalist and ethnic forces, and everyone in the post or in the opposition, who are active in one of these reactionary poles, are beating the drum of war as a way to achieve their “victory”. As anti-people forces, we are increasingly scolding the black and reactionary scenario. Of all labor organizations, progressive and socialist parties, we want public opinion about “not the governments of the United States and Iran,” “not their military adventure,” “Not to economic sanctions”, and not to any attempt to launch a devastating war, and united with a progressive, libertarian, and anti-war line. The rhetoric and bullying of the two reactionary states in Iran and the world.

 Iran’s revolutionary socialist party states that in this regard, it will not short of any effort and cooperation with all the workers’ organizations and progressive parties and forces against the two criminal states. Preventing a criminal war, ending the war zone and shortening the bloody and criminal hands of these two fascist governments form the backbone of Iran and the region as our primary and decisive goals. In this regard, all the advocates of freedom and equality and socialism are drawn to their unique and effective social measures and their attention.

Revolutionary Socialist Party of Iran
May 14, 2019

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